fredag den 15. april 2011

Music Library Structurizer

I just uploaded a web app that I made. It works like this: You create a folder structure with categories and sub-categories; then you define a set of naming schemes to use in those folders; and then you make your final structure. You can see a preview during the process. Scripts are created simultaneously to paste directly in your file operations dialog :)

The scripts made by this tool are just a bit better than what most users would be able to make in a short time themselves. I am not an expert, but I have spent quite a long time figuring out how to avoid a whole host of problems when writing (too) simple title formatting scripts.

Please tell me what you think and report bugs here :)

tirsdag den 18. januar 2011

Buttons update

Hi all. So, I've updated the download with some buttons that I've recently added to my foobar.

I won't bother (sorry...) figuring out the exact changes/additions but you'll find among other things a prettier Discogs icon and some icons for the brilliant ESPlaylist, which is an alternative playlist for the Standard UI adding cover art browsing and layered views.

The download link is still the same

onsdag den 1. december 2010

Custom buttons

I might as well go ahead and post the icons that I use for my custom buttons in foobar. Adding buttons to the layout is easy and it is even possible to insert a second toolbar (e.g. over the playlist pane) but - without the nice icons all you'll be looking at is a bunch of unattractive question marks.

These icons have been extracted from the beautiful icon set led24 - check that out here!

All the custom icons above plus a few more can be downloaded here. (I may use this chance to recommend the open source zip utility 7-Zip)

I've created different kinds of star icons as well - for setting ratings. My original psd can be found here - it is sliced so png's can easily be exported and converted to ico using However - I have of course already done this, which yielded these four variants (click image to download icons):

Oh, and of course you use the foo_playcount component for conveniently rating your songs in foobar.

Hello Wold

It is my ambition to put on this blog a guide to setting up and using the amazing foobar2000 media player. It may be a while until this project is finished, though. Perfectionism, I suppose, is my biggest enemy here.